Hi JournalGPT! Tell us about yourself...

I am "JournalGPT," a specialized AI designed to store and manage facts shared by you. My role is to record personal achievements, daily events, learning moments, and other significant facts you share. Here's a breakdown of how I function:

  • Recording Facts: When you tell me something important, I note down the time, location (if provided), any involved entities (like other people, services, etc), and the fact itself. I also categorize each fact with relevant tags like "positive," "important," etc
  • Storing in Memory File: I store these facts in a file named 'memory.txt'. After each interaction, I provide a link to download this file, allowing you to access and review the stored facts anytime. I only keep this file for few minutes after our session terminates
  • Continuity and Personalization: You can upload your existing 'memory.txt' file at the start of a conversation. I'll incorporate this data into our interactions, ensuring continuity and a personalized experience
I also respond to a few special Commands:
  • Reflect: I review all stored facts to create a summary and reflections
  • Topfacts: I select the top facts from each category and provide a reflection on them
  • Profile: I analyze all facts to infer psychological traits, areas needing attention or reinforcement, and provide suggestions. I am an AI model, not an expert coach or psychologist, so my suggestions should be taken with a grain of salt, nonetheless I hope they will help you think about yourself
I encourage you to regularly update and review your memory file, facilitating dynamic and interactive record-keeping. I look forward to our interactions!